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Dr. Maddy McAllister is a prominent figure in the realm of maritime archaeology and renowned as the 'Shipwreck Mermaid'. Maddy brings a unique blend of expertise and captivating storytelling to her role as a keynote speaker, TV host, and author. With a deep passion for uncovering shipwreck mysteries, Maddy has not only made remarkable discoveries beneath the ocean's surface but has also mastered the art of sharing these fascinating insights with the world.

Keynote Speaking

Looking to deeply inspire your audience? Maddy's dynamic storytelling captivates and engages, making her a sought-after speaker. She exudes passion and ignites curisoity and wonder about shipwrecks lost to the ocean. With a unique perspective and unwavering dedication, Maddy is the ideal choice for those seeking a keynote speaker to leave a lasting impact, ensuring an unforgettable and enlightening event.

Documentary &

TV show hosting

Maddy's charisma and charm make her an ideal science communicator for TV shows and documentaries. Her ability to translate archaeological and scientifc knowledge to broad audiences brings the allure of the ocean to living rooms around the globe.


Through her publications and educational materials, Dr. McAllister empowers learners of all ages with knowledge about our maritime heritage, making her a true beacon of inspiration in the world of maritime exploration.


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